Breakthrough Options for Families, Inc.
Breakthrough Options for Families, Inc.

One On One Mentoring:

One of our most important activities yet is mentoring. The mentoring activities are conducted by trained volunteers. Our goal is to provide positive role models who will engage in recreational activities at least 2 hours bi-weekly to at-risk youth who reside in single parent households. 


Group Mentoring:

The Purpose of the boys and girls groups is to incorporate and build upon basic life skills, communication skills, social skills, and more.

Normally scheduled once a month with ages ranging from 8-17, discussions at our groups include adolescent issues surrounded by gender, empowerment and self-advocacy, social skills, bullying, steps to take when handling peer pressure, the dynamics of state and local government, community projects, and exposure to local and state academic based activities.   Recreational components include productive activities within, as well as outside of the community, and out of participants regular element, which foster the mentor/mentee relationship.  

The groups are run by a trained facilitator who has a planned curriculum, but groups do hold the flexibility to build the group conversations around participants concerns, needs, challenges and/or triumphs. 


The mentor/child relationship and its activities fosters increased self-esteem, confidence to try new and more productive endeavors and widens the child’s exposure to adults who are self-supporting, community minded and goal oriented.

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