Breakthrough Options for Families, Inc.
Breakthrough Options for Families, Inc.

The main facet of our program is to improve the quality of life for at-risk and/or under represented Single Parent Families in the Greater Norwalk area.  

We help families navigate through the system to obtain needed services for themselves and their children.  


Our Priority are Single Parent Families.  Those who are the sole supporter of their minor children, grand children, or foster children.


Whether it be a family who needs help finding a homeless shelter, or a Parent that reaches our for help because they do not have enough food to last until the next paycheck, or a Parent with a child that has Special Needs and they are unsure of what questions to ask to help do their part in their child's education.


Not all of our families are unemployed and under educated.  

We see now in these economic times, that families who were once well off, are paying more and more of their income for their rent, mortgage, utility bills, and feeding their children, as opposed to having the opportunity to save money for anything outside of their basic needs.  These kinds of situations put a strain on the children as well.  Our programs help families cope with challenges and help families problem solve as to what they should do next.

We thank our volunteers who donate their time to mentor and support our single Mothers with encouragement.  

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